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Acquisition brings big changes for Canadian MGA. New ownership. New products. Excellent service.

Aurora Underwriting Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of its successful integration of a10k Inc. and Aurora Underwriting Services. In addition to a new name and ownership, Aurora Underwriting Solutions now has: New leadership A new team of professional underwriters Expanded product offerings Increased internal underwriting capabilities and capacities Our focus is building excellent […]

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Aurora Underwriting Services and a10k Insurance Solutions merge into one national brand – Aurora Underwriting Solutions

The underwriting teams of Aurora Underwriting Services, and a10k Insurance Solutions are pleased to announce our March 31, 2021 amalgamation under the name Aurora Underwriting Solutions. From our offices in Alberta and Ontario, we now offer more insurance products and continued service excellence to brokers across Canada.   Aurora Underwriting Solutions Provides More to Brokers […]

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